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This app is made with the frequent traveler in mind.

– Nice animated clock with local and home times
– currency converter with automatic selection of the currencies
– works offline

Leave the iPhone’s “Date & Time” setting in automatic, and in the settings section of the app set your home timezone.
The app does the rest for you.

Displaying the local time with a large animated clock together with the time at your home location.

The currency converter lets you convert the local currency to your home currency.
No more scrolling through a long list of currencies before you can start the conversion.
More than 160 currencies supported.

Many currency converters work only with internet access available. This app allows you to convert currencies without internet access. The currency rates are updated once a day when a connection is available and than stored for use when no connection is available.

This app supports ads.
The paid version has no ads and has one more feature. It also shows current weather information (requires internet)